Post a Job in CAREERLINK

Thank you for your interest in posting a job or internship in CAREERLINK and for hiring NDSU students!

All of our job and internship postings are submitted through CAREERLINK, our online career management platform. If you have not yet created an employer account in CAREERLINK, we welcome you to! A company may have multiple contact profiles set up, therefore, please feel free to share this information with as many people as may benefit in your organization.

Create a CAREERLINK Account:

1.Go to the employer portal of CAREERLINK.

2. Select the ‘Sign up for an account’ button.

3. Complete the information on the next screen with your information.
NOTE: When entering in the ‘Employer’ field, begin typing the employer name that you wish to link your contact account to. If your company has an existing employer account in CAREERLINK, the system will search for and display the employer name on file. Simply click on the desired employer name displayed.

4. Check the box to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. Select the ‘Create Account’ box to complete setting up your contact account.

Post a Job in CAREERLINK:

1. From the Welcome screen click on “+ POST”

2. Enter the requested information for all fields

  • For Targeted Major select all individual majors you are considering for this position
  • For Industry select the industry/industries your company is in
  • For Job Function select the job function which most closely aligns with this position

3. Click on “Submit”

You will receive an email from the NDSU Career and Advising Center upon approval of your job posting

For Additional Information:

For additional questions on scheduling an event in CAREERLINK, please contact Pat Breen, Employer Partnerships Manager, at or at 701.231.8464.