Online Part-Time and Summer Jobs Fair

Wednesday, March 24th  |  2 PM to 6 PM

Taking into account where we’re at with the pandemic, our stakeholders’ health and safety continue to be our priority and as such, career fairs this spring, will be hosted virtually with registration coordinated through our CAREERLINK platform. At least we won’t have to worry about blizzards and snow storms!

Thank you to our event sponsors!






*** Please note that employers are still being added – check back often! ***

Adolfson & Peterson Construction  |  Full-time positions and internships / co-ops
Axis Clinicals  |  Part-time positions
BASF – AGRO  |  Internships / co-ops
Bauer Design Build  |  Full-time positions, part-time positions and internships / co-ops
BNG Team  |  Full-time positions, part-time positions and internships / co/ops
Braun Intertec  |  Internships / co-ops
Buffalo Wild Wings  |  Full-time and part-time positions
Carlson McCain  |  Internships / co-ops
Cass County Vector Control  |  Seasonal/summer positions
Connections  |  Full-time and part-time positions
Corteva / Pioneer  |  Full-time positions, part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Coteau Properties  |  Internships / co-ops
Cushing Terrell  |  Full-time positions and internships/co-ops
Digi-Key Electronics |  Full-time positions and part-time positions
Essentia Health  |  Full-time and part-time positions
Fastenal Company  |  Full-time positions, part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Games Galore Party Rental  |  Full-time and part-time positions
Gate City Bank  |  Full-time and part-time positions
Industrial Builders Inc  |  Part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Land O’Lakes, Inc.  |  Full-time positions and internships / co-ops
J.R. Simplot Company  |  Part-time positions and internships / co-ops
John Deere  |  Part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Johnson Controls, Inc.  |  Part-time positions and internships / co-ops
KLN Family Brands  |  Internships / co-ops
Marvin  |  Full-time positions
MBN Engineering  |  Part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Natural Grocers  |  Full-time positions
ND Army National Guard  |  Part-time positions
NDSU Bookstore  |  On-campus, work-study, part-time positions
NDSU Career and Advising Center  |  On-campus, part-time positions
NDSU Dining  |  On-campus, work-study, full-time positions, part-time positions and internships / co-ops
NDSU Facilities Management  |  On-campus part-time positions
NDSU IT Division  |  On-campus, work-study, graduate assistantship and part-time positions
NDSU North Central Research Extension Center  |  Seasonal summer positions
NDSU Potato Pathology  |  On-campus, work-study, part-time positions
NDSU Wellness Center  |  On-campus full-time positions, part-time positions
NDSU Williston Research Extension Center  |  Internships / co-ops
North Dakota Autism Center, Inc.  |  Part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Panera Bread  |  Part-time positions
Pella Northland  |  Internships / co-ops
Premium Decks Inc.  |  Seasonal/summer positions
Red River Human Services Foundation  |  Part-time positions
Sambatek  |  Full-time positions, part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Sanford Health  |  Full-time positions, part-time positions and internships / co-ops
Seneca Foods Corporation  |  Full-time positions and internships /co-ops
Sherwin-Williams Company  |  Full-time positions and part-time positions
Superior Industries / Westmor Industries  |  Internships / co-ops
Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation  |  Seasonal / summer positions and internships / co-ops
True Friends  |  Seasonal/summer positions and internships / co-ops
YMCA  |  Full-time positions and part-time positions
Voxtelesys. LLC.  |  Internships / co-ops

>> Registration information:

Schedule times in CAREERLINK to meet with employers

Click HERE for an instructional video

>> What is an online fair?

What is a career fair?
A chance to speak with employers about their companies, positions they have available, and to learn more about the industry or types of roles within the company.
  What do students get out of it?
Many NDSU students attend career fairs seeking internships, part-time, and/or full-time employment.  Others attend for the sake of learning more about companies in their industry, networking with local, regional, and national companies, and becoming well informed about opportunities that may be suited for them!
How do these happen online?
Students schedule times in CAREERLINK to meet 1:1 with employers and companies they are interested in, and these interactions happen online during the day of the fair. Once the employer provides us their link for these meetings, it will be visible on the event page after you sign up to speak to that employer and will also be included in the confirmation email.  You will also receive the link automatically 2 hours before the event in your reminder email. Be sure to sign up right away before an employer’s schedule fills up!
Watch this instructional video for more of the specifics.

>> Preparing for the fair:

Research Employers
Use CAREERLINK – Under the “Employers” tab, look up job postings, company information and what positions they’ve filled with previous NDSU students!
Look to see if your career goals align with company’s mission statement and vision… use this information in your pitch or during your meeting!
Check out company’s social media, LinkedIn page or website to learn more!
Tailor your Documents
Ideally, you’d create a resume and cover letter tailored to the specific position and company that you are applying to.
Watch ‘How to Tailor your Resume‘ for tips and suggestions and visit with a member of our staff in our Zoom Career Studio or email your questions to to get further guidance and assistance.
View our online resources for creating a resume or cover letter.
Upload documents to your profile on CAREERLINK and attach with your scheduled meetings with employers.
Test out Online Platforms
Make note of the meeting platform each employer will be using the day of the fair (check the “location” field when you sign up for the meetings).
Test out the different systems before the fair to be sure you are comfortable using them and have anything necessary downloaded ahead of time.
Visit our Zoom Career Studio to test out your platforms with us!
Get Organized
Be sure you have all of your scheduled dates/times organized so that you don’t miss any of your meetings.
Utilize calendars, set reminders/alerts, or do whatever you need to do to ensure you are prepared ahead of time.
Develop your Pitch and Questions
Plan ahead how you would like to introduce yourself during your elevator pitch and what you would like to say to the employer.
Employers like it when you ask questions about them, their jobs, and the company.
Research ahead of time and don’t ask questions that you can easily find the answers to yourself.
Plan out what you will wear
Dress for the occasion, and ‘one-level up’ from what you would expect to wear in the day-to-day work environment at that company.
Check out the Career Closet to check out and borrow business casual and business professional clothing!

>> Are you ready for the fair?

Is your computer ready?
Your camera should be at eye level, and try not to look at your own image.
You computer/tablet should be sitting on a flat, stable, and level surface.
What is in your background – is your space clean and professional looking?
Test this out ahead of time to ensure you don’t have anything distracting or unprofessional in the background.
How is the lighting in your space?
The light source should be in front of you and it shouldn’t be too bright where it leaves a shadow.
Have you minimized distractions?
Put your phone and other notifications on your computer or tablet on silent.  Try to keep roommates and pets out of the room you are in.
Are you dressed professionally?
Look good, feel good!
Do you have your resume, job description, and questions handy?
Keep these documents close just in case you have to reference them.  Having questions for the employer written out ahead of time can help you remember the questions you wanted to ask.
Are you mindful of your body?
Use positive body language and appear engaged!
Smiling, using moderate hand gestures, and making eye contact with everyone can certainly help.
Are you mindful of your speech?
Speak clearly and not too fast, and be sure to sound interested and energized.
Are you being professional if you are using the chat feature?
Avoid using acronyms, text slang, or emojis.
Do you have a strong closing?
Ask for next steps in their recruitment process and exchange contact information.

>> After the fair:

Send a ‘Thank You’
Send a ‘thank you’ message to each employer you visited with during the fair(s).
These can be a handwritten letter or an email.
Apply for any positions recommended by the recruiter(s) during the fair.
Be sure to keep notes on which positions were mentioned, the application method, etc.


>> Registration Information:

The registration deadline for employers is 4:00 pm CST on Wednesday, March 17th, 2021. 

You may contact Briana Nupdal to inquire about registering after this deadline.

Please register to attend this event by clicking the dark green “Register” button in the top right-hand corner of this event information page and by completing the event registration on the next page. Be sure to click the submit button at the bottom of the page to submit your registration.

Please allow 24 – 48 hours for Career and Advising Center Staff to review and approve your event registration.

Upon registration approval, you will receive an automatically generated email with an attached invoice. See Employer Payment Information section below for additional payment information.

If you need to make changes to your event registration after it has been approved, please contact Briana Nupdal.

Included in the $200 event registration fee:
> Opportunity to connect with NDSU students and alumni in a COVID-19 free environment
> Event set up specifically for your company in CAREERLINK
> Schedules set up for (2) of your recruiters to meet with students during the event
> Promotion of the event to students on campus
> Instructions provided to students on how to register to meet with you during the event

Series Participating Sponsor! 
> Company logo included on event website

>> Payment Information:

Note that your fair schedule will NOT be created in CAREERLINK for students to view or register for until your invoice is paid in full – please pay immediately after receiving the invoice.

Payments will only be accepted through our online payment system – by credit card, debit card or electronic check. Mailed paper checks will NOT be accepted.

If you need your invoice resent to you or have questions regarding the payment process, please contact our Business Coordinator, Brenda Vertin.

>> On-Campus Interviews (OCIs):

We are offering the ability to hold virtual OCIs associated with the online spring career fairs. Included in the additional $100 fee is the opportunity to have up to four schedules created for virtual OCIs (i.e. have four recruiters available to meet with four different students at the same time). You may add additional schedules to your registration for an additional fee.

If you are holding OCIs, please register your OCI in CAREERLINK and it will be approved after we have received your payment.

Please contact Pat Breen, Employer Partnerships Manager, with any questions relating to OCIs.

>> Policies:

Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Refund of the registration fee (MINUS a 20% administrative fee) will be given for cancellations received on or before March 19th, 2021. Cancellation requests must be emailed to Briana Nupdal and Brenda Vertin.  Cancellation requests received after March 19th, 2021 for event registration and additional schedules will not be refunded.

We market all our fairs to the best of our ability through various media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc.  We cannot guarantee student attendance.  No refunds will be made, nor credit given based on attendance or lack thereof.

No-Show Policy:

No refunds will be made for an organization who is a “no-show” the day of the event for any reason.  This will apply to both in-person or virtual events.

Technology Glitch Policy:

In the event of a technology glitch at our end, we will reschedule the event.  In the event of a technology glitch at the company’s end, we will handle the rescheduling on a case-by-case basis. No refunds will be made in either case.  No refunds will be made due to technology issues caused by using non-supported devices/software, or due to connectivity issues by either party.