OCIs – (On-Campus Interviews )

Host your interviews on NDSU’s campus and let us help you organize it!

Benefits of OCIs:

  • OCIs are a great opportunity to promote your company’s brand and culture
  • You are able to conduct interviews with NDSU students on campus
  • The Career and Advising Center will coordinate the logistics of the OCI for you

Steps to organizing an OCI:

  1. Determine your interview date(s)
    • Contact us at least 4 weeks prior to interview date(s) to allow for promotion to students
  2. Log-into CAREERLINK >>  Click on OCI and Job Listings  >>  Register for an OCI
    • Complete registration of OCI
  3. Create your job posting in CAREERLINK
    • As part of the OCI registration process you will create a job posting
    • The posting may be for a specific or generic opening within your organizations
  4. A confirmation email will be sent as soon as all details of the OCI are finalized
  5. Monitor your interview schedule(s) throughout the process and adhere to required timelines

For Additional Information:

If you are interested, have questions, or would like additional information; please contact Pat Breen, Employer Partnerships Manager at pat.breen@ndsu.edu or at 701.231.8464.