Exploring Majors

Are you undecided on your major? Are you trying to find a better fit in a new major? Here are some resources and tips to help you get started with your major exploration:

Exploring Careers

Are you trying to figure out what career potential there might be within different majors or areas of study?  Is it easier for you to consider the type of job you’ll want following graduation rather than deciding on a major?  Would it be easier to talk about your educational path knowing what types of careers you’re interested to pursue following graduation?  Here are some resources and tips to help you get started with your career exploration:

  • Informational Interviews – This is a great way to get to ask questions related to specific careers, industries, or companies that you might be considering.
  • Job Shadowing – Getting a chance to job shadow a professional is the next best thing to starting in that actual career.  Consider setting one up in a career of interest to see a “day in the life”.
  • Career Fairs & Networking Opportunities – Networking events and career fairs are great opportunities to meet professionals from various careers and industries and a chance to learn about what they do and how they do their work.  Check out “Fairs and Events” sponsored by the Career and Advising Center to learn more about what’s happening right on campus!
    • Tips for navigating career fairs and networking opportunities 

Helpful Resources for Major & Career Exploration

  • Attend a Workshop – The Career and Advising Center hosts several opportunities throughout the semester to give students the chance to do major/career exploration in groups.  Bring a friend and join in on the discussion!
  • Attend On-Campus Events – There are many events throughout the academic year to assist with career and major exploration.  These events include, but aren’t limited to: Major Carnival, networking opportunities, employer presentations, etc. Keep an eye on our calendar of events  to be sure you don’t miss a great opportunity to explore right here on campus.
  • O*NET OnLine – This free online resource allows you to search for professions by keywords, seek out specific job titles, etc.  You can learn about specific tasks and day to day activities that occur in professions and even search for jobs based on what your interests are.
  • What Can I Do With This Major – As the title of this resource suggests, it can help you explore the different careers or industries that might be a good fit for your desired major.  This resource can be very helpful to those that believe pursuing a major means they only have a limited number of career opportunities following graduation.
  • Interest Inventories – Interest Inventories may be a good option for some students seeking to identify how their interests line up with specific educational tracks, industries, and specific occupations.  Click here to learn more about the Strong Interest Inventory and the iStartStrong
  • Personality Type Indicators – Some students find it helpful to learn more about their individual personality type and to know which industries others with the same personality have found enjoyable.  Click here to learn more. 
  • 1-on-1 Appointments – With all of these resources “at our fingertips”, it can still be helpful to sit down with someone to help you navigate them and help you discover where your interests lie.  Schedule an appointment to ensure you get tailored, individualized answers to your question.
    • Scheduling an Advising or Major Change appointment: Follow this link to schedule an appointment on Navigate
    • Coaching or career exploration discussions: Drop by the NDSU Career and Advising Center at 306 Ceres Hall or our Zoom Career Studio.
    • Appointments can also be scheduled by emailing ndsu.cac@ndsu.edu or calling 701-231-7111.