How to Schedule an Event in CAREERLINK


Create a CAREERLINK Account:

1.Go to the employer portal of CAREERLINK.

2. Select the ‘Sign up for an account’ button.

3. Complete the information on the next screen with your information.
NOTE: When entering in the ‘Employer’ field, begin typing the employer name that you wish to link your contact account to. If your company has an existing employer account in CAREERLINK, the system will search for and display the employer name on file. Simply click on the desired employer name displayed.

4. Check the box to agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. Select the ‘Create Account’ box to complete setting up your contact account.

Schedule an Event in CAREERLINK:


For Additional Information:

For additional questions on scheduling an event in CAREERLINK, please contact Pat Breen, Employer Partnerships Manager, at or at 701.231.8464.