How to Find an Internship

Finding an Internship

Students who participate in the Internship Program are in a stronger position for obtaining a job in their field after they graduate because they have the kind of prior, related experience sought by employers.

Follow these suggested steps to find an internship opportunity:

1. Prepare or Perfect Your Resume

Your resume is your introduction to a potential employer. It must be professional and free of errors.

2. Explore the Job Market

  • Career Fairs/Events
  • On-campus Interviews

3. Network

4. Apply

5. Register Your Internship Credits with the Career and Advising Center

Registering your internship with the Career and Advising Center’s Internship Program will allow you to complete your internship while earning academic credit. Some students will be able to apply the credit directly to their degree requirements. Students may also register for internship credits as elective credit, allowing them to reach their overall credit count.

To register your internship, please contact Emmanuel Jinor, Internship Program Specialist, as He will send you the online application needed to be considered. If you have any questions, please call our main line at 701-231-7111.