Common Student FAQs

Each year, faculty and staff have many questions that come up from students and other stakeholders on campus. Here are some commonly asked questions that faculty and staff might come across throughout the year.


Where is the Career and Advising Center located? Where do people need to park? – We are located in Ceres 306, across from the University President’s house. If visiting us and needing parking, the MU Parking lot is next to the building.

How do I know if my students need a resume or a cover letter? – Many times, resumes are the way to go. However, if a student is looking into higher education or academia, a Curriculum Vita (CV), might be requested from a potential employer. Additionally, if a student is looking for jobs outside of the United States, a CV might be the more generally acceptable form. Most employers will specify which type of document they would prefer.

How do I help my students build professional development skills, like writing a professional email? – Practicing is a great way to help students build those extremely important transferable skills. You can also request a presentation from one of our Career Coaches, who can help students to understand why these skills are so important and how they can help build them.

I plan to require my students to attend the Fall/Spring Career Expo or other event hosted by the Career & Advising Center. How can I find out if they actually attended? – Many times, students are required to swipe in before entering an event. In particular, each student is required to swipe in before they can enter the FargoDome floor for the large Career Expos. Please let us know before the event and we can let you know if students are required to sign in for an event or not. If they are, we can run a class list of those students who attended for you following the event.

I’m thinking about requiring my students to visit the Career & Advising Center for class. I’m not sure what the assignment will be yet, but is there anything I should do beforehand? – We would love for your students to visit the Career & Advising Center. Several faculty and staff on campus already require their students to visit or get help from us throughout the school year. If you are requiring it for a class, we only request that you contact us to let us know. This way, we can adjust staffing. Our staff can help with a variety of services, including mock interviews.

How can I start to build relationships with employers my students may be interested in working for? – One of the best places to start is by speaking with the Employer Engagement Team at the Career and Advising Center. They work with many employers throughout the year who may have expressed an interest in coming to campus for different activities. Another way is to attend or volunteer for the Fall Career Expo and Spring Career Expo.

What about photos on a resume or CV? – Students should avoid putting their photographs on their resume or CV if applying for positions within the United States. However, if the student is applying to jobs outside of the U.S., they should research that country to see if that is a common practice or not.