Company Spotlight Days

A Company Spotlight Day provides the opportunity for students, employers, and faculty to engage with one another in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, on-campus, between classes.

This opportunity is arranged and offered at no-cost to companies who participate in at least one of the university-sponsored career fairs during the academic year and have posted a job in CAREERLINK.

The collecting of resumes and/or conducting interviews is not allowed during a Company Spotlight Day.

Benefits of a Company Spotlight Day:

  • Dedicated space in a high-traffic and central area
  • Showcase your company projects or products
  • Share your organization’s culture, expectations, application process, etc…
  • Improve your company brand’s visibility on campus
  • Distribute company flyers and giveaways
  • Communication to students, encouraging them to further engage with you

Interested in a Company Spotlight Day?

If you are interested, have questions, or would like additional information; please contact Pat Breen, Employer Partnerships Manager at or at 701.231.8464.