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#NDSUintern Spotlight: Dylan Droegemueller

Major: Finance – Company: Liberty Business Systems – Location of Internship: Fargo, ND – Internship Title: Sales Development Representative

Why did you choose the company that you work for?
I really liked their culture! They focused on professional growth as …

By Ashley Peifer
Ashley Peifer Events and Marketing Intern Ashley Peifer
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#NDSUintern Spotlight: Anas Karuth

Major: Coating and Polymeric Materials – Company: Saint Gobain Research North America – Location of Internship: Northborough, MA – Internship Title: Research Co-Op

Why did you choose the company that you work for?
Saint Gobain is a world leader in …

By Ashley Peifer
Ashley Peifer Events and Marketing Intern Ashley Peifer
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10 Jobs That Are Great for Sociology Majors (Plus Expert Advice on How to Land One)

Sociology is one of those majors with no set path after graduation, which can be scary as you’re planning to enter the workforce for the first time. The trade-off is that you’ll actually have a lot of flexibility in what …

By Rebeca Piccardo - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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Exploratory Classes

ECON 202: Principles of Macroeconomics

Aggregate income and employment analysis; business cycles, unemployment, inflation and economic growth; fiscal policy; money and monetary policy; the U.S.…

ADHM 160: Interior Design Careers

Survey of the interior design profession and the relationship to allied professionals and organizations. Prereq: Interior Design or Apparel, Retail…

ABEN 110: Introduction to Ag & Biosystems Engineering

Introduction to agricultural and biosystems engineering (ABEN) for students interested in pursuing the major and profession. Content emphasizes ABEN sub-disciplines…

GEOL 105: Physical Geology

Study of the Earth as a physical body; its structure, composition, and the geologic processes acting on and within the…

HNES 170: Intro to Exercise Science

Investigation of various Exercise Science career opportunities within the field and the professional track at NDSU.

ADHM 171: Fashion Dynamics

Introductory course tracing the development of fashion and its industry that includes consumer demand and fashion change, the development, production,…

ANSC 114: Introduction to Animal Sciences

General principles of the livestock industry and relationships to mankind. 2 lectures, 1 two-hour laboratory.    

MATH 103: College Algebra

Relations and functions, equations and inequalities, complex numbers; polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions; systems of equations, and matrices. Prereq:…

MLS 200: Intro to Medical Lab Science (Restricted to majors)

Introduction to medical laboratory science. Lectures, discussions, and field trips focus on professional traits and communication, ethical behavior of the…

ART 210: Art History I

Intensive survey of art from Paleolithic to the Renaissance.    

ANSC 210: Introduction to Therapeutic Horsemanship

This course will introduce students to perspectives of disabilities, how equine assisted activities may affect individuals with specific disabilities, how…

MATH 105: Trigonometry

Angle measure, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities and equations, polar coordinates and applications. Prereq: MATH 103 or placement.…

PH 101: Intro to Public Health

This course introduces undergraduate students to the interdisciplinary and exciting field of public health. Discussing and studying the processes and…

COMM 112: Understanding Media & Social Change

Exploration of the purpose, function, and impact of media on society.    

ANSC 260: Introduction to Equine Studies

Introduction to basic aspects of equine studies and general principles surrounding the horse industry. 2 one-hour lectures. F.    

MATH 165: Calculus I

Limits, continuity, differentiation, Mean Value Theorem, integration, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus and applications. Prereq: MATH 105 or MATH 107 or…

ENG 111: Introduction to Engineering

Designed to provide general engineering students with an opportunity to review, study, discuss, and evaluate various engineering professions as career…

PSYC 111: Introduction to Psychology

Survey of the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.

COMM 114: Human Communication

Overview of communication theory with emphasis on information transmission and social influence functions of communication behavior in personal and mediated…

ASM 115: Fundamentals of Ag. Systems Management

Overview of agricultural systems management; engines, machinery, structures, electricity, processing, and conservation. 3 lectures. Co-req: MATH 103 or MATH 104…


Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory® (SII) is the most respected and widely used instrument for career exploration / planning in the world. …

Major/Career Exploration Workshops

The NDSU Career and Advising Center offers major and career exploration services in a variety of ways.  This Fall semester, …