The Power of Working for “Free”

The Power of Working for “Free” thumbnail image

“So is this a volunteer position?” is a question I hear consistently as I visit student organizations to recruit for the 2019 Welcome Week Team.

I was listening to Rachel Hollis, one of my favorite Podcasters, and was intrigued by …

By Alyssa Teubner
Alyssa Teubner New Student Programs Coordinator
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Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

Here are a few tips to help set you up for success:

1. Write Everything Down
I recommends going through course syllabi at the beginning of the semester and writing down all the important dates on your calendar. Seeing upcoming …

By Jerry South
Jerry South Assistant Director of Career Coaching Jerry South
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Popcorn & Prizes

Fresh Popcorn

Stop by the Career Center in Ceres Hall 306 this week for freshly popped popcorn and a chance to win a Padfolio for your next interview!

Who: All NDSU students are welcome to stop by!


Free popcorn!
Win a …

By Olivia Scott
Olivia Scott Senior Career Coach Olivia Scott
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Join in during the Major Madness Exploration Workshop!

CARS 1992 Major Madness social media graphic

Did you know that according to,  almost a third of first-time college students choose a major and then change it at least once within three years?  Students throughout the year find themselves in the interesting situation of learning about …

By Cassie Gilbert
Cassie Gilbert Career Coach Cassie Gilbert
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Internship Tuesday – Fact or Myth? Part 1


 Paid Internships:

Myth – Internships that pay the most are the best internships.

Fact – Pay and fringe benefits are things to consider when choosing an internship; however, the goal of an internship is to get relevant career experience, network …

By Emmanuel Jinor
Emmanuel Jinor Internship Program Specialist Emmanuel Jinor
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