The Answer to: Do You Really Have Transferable Skills or Are You Just Unqualified?

The Answer to: Do You Really Have Transferable Skills or Are You Just Unqualified? thumbnail image

Transferable skills are an important part of today’s job applications.  It is very important to understand employers are looking for employees able to adapt to their culture and unique company needs.  That is where transferable skills come in.  But how …

By The Muse
The Muse
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#NDSUintern Spotlight

Headshot 2 – Nathan Glass

Intern: Nathan Glass

Major: Accounting

Company: Eide Bailly

Location of Internship: Fargo, ND

Internship Title: Audit Intern

Why did you choose the company that you work for?
Eide Bailly is a top 20 accounting firm headquartered here in Fargo, so …

By Courtney O'Hotto
Courtney O'Hotto Graduate Assistant Courtney O
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How to get your first 100 grand (candy bar that is)!


The semester is quickly coming toward a close and, with that, seniors are preparing for what comes after graduation, their next steps! As a graduating senior, it is important to know that the Career Center assists alumni up to 5 …

By Cassie Gilbert
Cassie Gilbert Career Coach Cassie Gilbert
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Be More for Students- Looking for Reading and Math Tutors at Moorhead Public Schools

Reading Math Corps

Moorhead Public Schools are looking for 10 reading tutors and 1 math tutor for the upcoming school year.  In Minnesota, 1 in 3 third graders struggles to read at grade level and less than 60% of eighth graders are proficient …

By Jennifer Breding
Jennifer Breding Recruiter
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Ask the CC

Ask the CC

Hello everyone!

This week’s question: Do I need an objective on my resume?

That is a great question! Let’s first start with what an objective actually is!

Optional short statement typically found at the top of a resume
States what …

By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Career Mentor Andrea Richard
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