A conversation on life and career


On Thursday, May 7th, we had over 150 viewers come together virtually to listen to a conversation about life and career from Medora President Randy Hatzenbuhler and NDSU President Bresciani. A casual chat between the two inspirational speakers was something …

By Ashley Peifer
Ashley Peifer Events and Marketing Intern Ashley Peifer
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Mentoring Relationships: Why now?


The current environment has everyone shifting priorities, creating new plans, and you might be asking yourself, ‘What do I do now?’ One option is seeking out a mentor and to help you kick off this process and understand why now …

By Cassie Gilbert
Cassie Gilbert Career Coach Cassie Gilbert
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#NDSUintern Spotlight Blog

Rachel Jonasson

Intern: Rachel Jonasson

Major: Accounting

Company: Wipfli Accounting Firm

Location of Internship: Edina, Minnesota

Internship Title: Tax Intern

Why did you choose the company that you work for?
I knew I wanted to intern for Wipfli as soon as I …

By Rachel Grace
Rachel Grace Profile Picture
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5 Ideas for Remote Interning Like a Rock-Star



Working from home. Eating from home. Meetings from home… with stay at home orders letting us go, well, nowhere – we’ve compiled a list that may help you stay more focused 🧐 Alllllll the while completing your internship duties remotely 🏡


By Rachel Grace
Rachel Grace Profile Picture
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Ask a CM!

Ask a CM

Hello everyone!

This week’s question is: What do I do if I don’t like my major?

That is a great question! Major exploration is a great place to start if you are questioning your major. Here are the top 5 tips

By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Graduate Career Mentor Andrea Richard
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