CAREERLINK – student information

CAREERLINK is the job board and career management tool that is available exclusively to NDSU Students and Alumni.  Employers that use this platform and post jobs with us are hoping to recruit the students and alumni because they are seeking out the qualifications, work ethic, and talents that students at this university posses and are known for.

What It Has To Offer:

  • Job Postings:  CAREERLINK has hundreds of jobs posted at any given time, and these positions might be right here in the Fargo/Moorhead area or throughout the country.  These positions vary from part-time jobs, internships/co-ops, volunteer experiences, to full-time positions.  Positions are posted recruiting students in their first year at NDSU, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD level positions.
  • On-campus Interviews and Events:  This platform houses information about many of the events that occur on campus where employers might be recruiting or providing informational sessions about their companies.  On-campus Interviews are interviews that employers are conducting on campus, so many students like viewing this ahead of time to know which employers are recruiting NDSU students on a regular basis.
  • Organization of application materials:  CAREERLINK allows users to store and organize their resumes, cover letters, transcripts, letters of recommendation, and more!  Starting Fall 2019, students will also be able to upload a resume for Career and Advising Center staff review.
  • Research Tools:  These features in CAREERLINK allow the user to see post-graduation outcomes for students from their college or program, the average salary for a student leaving NDSU with a specific degree, which employers are hiring students with specific majors or academic backgrounds, etc.

How To Navigate The System:

  • Visit the Student portal of the CAREERLINK landing page.  You will be able to use the same username and password as you have for your Blackboard account.
  • Here is a short video tutorial on how to log into CAREERLINK for the first time as a current student.
  • Once you get logged in, you will see “OCI and Job Listings” on the left hand side.  Here is where you will find the positions that are currently posted for NDSU students and alumni, as well as the employers that are scheduled to conduct On-Campus Interviews (OCI).  Utilize the filters to find the opportunities that are related to your areas of study and interests.
  • The “Events” tab, also on the left hand side, will provide information about upcoming Fairs and Expos, networking events, employer presentations, and more!
  • “Research Tools” will be an expandable menu item on the left also.  This menu breaks down the different areas you might be interested in researching further:
    • Outcome Index – # of graduates from a program, % that ended up with full-time employment, % that went on to Graduate school, and more
    • Salary Database – information about the top and average salaries for various colleges and programs on campus, which employers have hired NDSU graduates, what job titles these students have held, etc.
    • Offer Timeline – see when NDSU students are typically receiving offers for employment to help you prepare for the job search and help you plan out your own timeline
    • Offer Job Source – learn where other students from your program or college are finding jobs to help you save some time with your own efforts
    • and much more!!
  • Resume and document review is not yet functional through CAREERLINK.  In the meantime, we welcome students and recent alumni to email their documents for review to
  • Drop by the Career and Advising Center locations for further assistance with CAREERLINK.  We always have staff available to talk you through your questions and help you make the most of this platform that is completely FREE for you to utilize!