Undergraduate Students

The NDSU Career and Advising Center offers equal, individualized services to all Undergraduate Students of North Dakota State University. We focus on providing this level of quality and ease of access to our services, and for these reasons we serve students in a multitude of ways.

Drop-in Model:  Our drop-in model allows students to stop by our Career Studio and Satellite locations whenever is most convenient for them.  We welcome students to come for 5 minutes or 5 hours depending on the what they are working on or the questions at hand.

Email:  All services are offered via email. So if students are away from campus, taking classes online, or commuting to NDSU, they may find email interactions to be more useful. Appointments can also be scheduled via email at ndsu.cac@ndsu.edu.

Phone:  Whether students have a quick question, would like thorough feedback, or wish to schedule an appointment, calls can be made to the Career and Advising Center main line at 701-231-7111.

Appointment:  If you prefer to have a scheduled appointment, we can accommodate this too! Stop by, call, or email at any time to get something scheduled.

Diverse Student Populations:

    • International Students:  We partner with International Student and Study Abroad Services to be informed and updated on the latest practices for hiring international students.  We offer an internship program and events tailored to international students and their specific requirements
    • LGBTQ+ Populations: The NDSU Career and Advising Center partners and collaborates with the office of LGBTQ+ Programs to ensure inclusion and relevant resources for those that identify with this population.  For additional resources and supports on campus, visit the website for the Office of Equity on NDSU’s campus.
    • Multicultural:  We partner and collaborate with the Office of Multicultural Programs and multicultural student organizations to support and celebrate the diversity of our campus.  We provide resources and individualized services to all those that we serve.
    • Non-traditional & Transfer: We understand that students may not have started their academic journey at NDSU or may have started their professional career years ago, but we are appreciative and eager to assist all students “where they are at” and help them demonstrate the value of previous achievements.
    • Student Veterans:  Our office strives to advocate for student veterans at NDSU.  We partner with VALOR and other campus and community resources to ensure smooth transition for veterans wishing to work as a civilian in industry.
    • Students with Disabilities:  The Career and Advising Center has a strong partnership with Disability Services on NDSU’s campus.  We offer tailored workshops and services to meet the variety of needs that exist on our campus to provide information regarding career guidance.

And remember, the NDSU Career and Advising Center provides career support for all recent Alumni up to five years post-graduation.