What is a Career Fair?

A career fair is a chance for students to speak to employers about their companies, positions they have available, and to learn more about the industry or the types of roles within a company. Many NDSU students attend career fairs seeking part-time employment, internships, and full-time jobs following their graduation.

How to Attend or Register:

  • Students do not need to register for the in-person Career Expo, but they should bring their student IDs to check-in at the event.
  • Students interested in meeting with employers during our Virtual Career Fair should sign up for times to meet with employers in Handshake. Meeting times fill up quickly, so be sure to sign up early! Learn how to register for the virtual fair below.

How to Prepare:

Research the employer(s).

Tailor your documents.

  • Make sure to bring tailored Watch this video for more information on how to tailor your resume, or view our online resources for creating a resume or cover letter.
  • For a review or feedback on your resumes or cover letters, drop in to our online Career and Advising Center via Zoom and our Career Studio in Ceres Hall 306, or email us at ndsu.cac@ndsu.edu to schedule an appointment with a staff member for a 1-on-1 appointment.
  • If attending the virtual fair, make sure Handshake and attach them to your Virtual Career Fair registration(s).

Develop your pitch and the questions you will ask of the employer.

  • Plan ahead for what you would like to say to the employer and how you would like to introduce yourself in your elevator pitch.
  • Employers like when you ask questions about them, their jobs, and the company.  Be sure to do your research ahead of time and don’t ask questions to which you could find the answers to yourself by searching online.

Plan for what you will wear.

  • Plan to dress for the occasion and “one-level up” from what you would be expected to wear in the day to day work environment at that job/company.  For example, if they wear polo shirts and jeans every day, plan to wear a nicer blouse or button up shirt and dress pants or khakis.
  • Looking for something to wear?  The Career and Advising Center has the Career Closet where you can check out and borrow business casual and business professional clothing to ensure you are dressed to impress for the fairs!


Send a “Thank You”: Send a ‘thank you’ to each employer that you chatted with during the career fairs.  You can do this via handwritten letter or via email.

Apply! Apply for any positions as recommended by the recruiter(s) you chatted with during the fairs.  Be sure to keep notes on which positions were specifically mentioned, what method they recommend that you apply, and so forth.  This is an opportunity to demonstrate your communication and attention to detail abilities!