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Howdy Bison Herd,  

This is yet another blog in our series on Career Exploration. Last week, we talked about a difficult but equally useful database called O*net and the benefits of using it in tandem with Focus 2 Career, which …

By Sawyer Teicher
Sawyer Teicher Career Mentor
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Career Expo Follow-up

Attending a Career Expo is a great way to get in front of a bunch of employers. Usually you will give them your resume and they will give you their business card at the end of your interaction. They might …

By Abby Zimmerman
Abby Zimmerman Career Mentor
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Resume Tip: Sections to Include

When creating a resume, it may sometimes be confusing to know what sections to include. You may follow this guide for tips on what to include in your personal resume.

By Kenzie Jacques
Kenzie Jacques Career Mentor
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Social Work Career Fair and Registering for Classes

Happy Monday Bison! We have a couple of topics we are going to cover today as we wrap up career fair season as well as the start to registering for classes.

Did you know we have another career fair coming …

By Elizabeth Beckstrom
Elizabeth Beckstrom Career Mentor
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#NDSUintern Spotlight: Mac Nickles

Major: Computer Engineering

Company: Doosan Bobcat

Internship Title: Electrical Test Engineer Co-Op

Location of Internship: Bismarck, North Dakota

Why did you choose the company that you work for?

A good friend of mine recommended and referred me to Bobcat. After …

By Rachana Wright
Rachana Wright Graduate Assistant - Internship Program
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Interview Essentials: Mock Interviews

Whether you have an interview coming up or just want to get some more practice under your belt, a mock interview is an excellent move for your career!

What is a mock interview?

A mock interview is a low stakes …

By Delaney Sage
Delaney Sage Career Mentor
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Job Board Highlight: ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter was a Job Board created to help foster real connections between employee’s and employers. With a focus on small businesses, ZipRecruiter is the number one rated hiring site with over 110+ million job seekers. Some of the things ZipRecruiter …

By Mackenzie Mueller
Mackenzie Mueller Career Mentor
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A Date With Stress

Do you want to have a coffee talk?

Come right in!

By Dibyanshu Tibrewal
Dibyanshu Tibrewal Career Mentor
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Marketing and Sales Hiring Fair

This week on October 4th, the Marketing and Sales Hiring Fair is taking place! This is focused on students who have a interest going into marketing or sales related fields. This fair is open to NDSU students as well as …

By Elizabeth Beckstrom
Elizabeth Beckstrom Career Mentor
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Tools For Exploration – O*net

Happy Friday Bison,  

We are back with another blog in our series highlighting the benefits of Career Exploration. Last time we discussed What Can I Do With This Major which is a tool that features 100 majors and their …

By Sawyer Teicher
Sawyer Teicher Career Mentor
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