General Resume Tips

Crafting a resume can be daunting task. It’s not always clear how to start or what it “should” look like. Ultimately, the design and content of your resume is up to you, but these suggestions will help keep your information …

By Andrew Falgier
Andrew Falgier Career Mentor
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What I Wish I Knew About Majoring in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is known as the most general and adaptable engineering degree. With mechanical engineering as your degree, you can do almost anything with the knowledge and skills you learn. There are things I wish I knew more about before …

By Elizabeth Beckstrom
Elizabeth Beckstrom Career Mentor
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Advice from a Graduating Senior

Hi! I’m Andrew, a senior in the Electrical Engineering program here at NDSU.

Graduation can be intimidating for some people. For most, it represents the end of their schooling and fully entering the workforce. For others, it means the start …

By Andrew Falgier
Andrew Falgier Career Mentor
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Here’s What You Should—and Shouldn’t—Capitalize on Your Resume

As a career coach, I’ve worked alongside recruiters and heard their complaints as they review resumes. I remember one squinting at the screen as she tried to read a resume with tiny font, and another telling me she doesn’t even …

By Leto Papadopoulos - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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Advice From a Pre-Nursing Student

Pre-Nursing courses are challenging, but you can tackle them! 

Hello prospective nursing students! My name is Abbey Bahmiller and I am a current pre-nursing student here at North Dakota State University. Being a college freshman is a new, exciting and …

By Abbey Bahmiller
Abbey Bahmiller Career Mentor
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Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Advice for Conquering Freshman Year 

You have just graduated high school and, though excited to start the next chapter of your life as a college student, you may be experiencing some anxiety, confusion, or stress as you think about the …

By Jillian Mccusker
Jillian Mccusker Career Mentor
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Tips as a Physical and Health Education Major

Are you considering majoring in Physical and/or Health Education (HE/PE)? Well let me tell you what to expect before making your decision. HE/PE is pretty unique compared to most other education content areas as we are off on our own …

By Tanner Teicher
Tanner Teicher Career Mentor
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Tips From a Strategic Communication Major

Usually when I tell someone that I am majoring in Strategic Communication, they don’t know what that means. The way I explain it is that Strategic Communication (Strat Comm) here at NDSU used to be called Public Relations & Advertising

By Abby Petersen
Abby Petersen Career Mentor
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How to Use a Botched Job Interview to Your Advantage 

There are many reasons job interviews don’t go well. Perhaps the job posting was misleading, and it turns out you don’t have experience necessary for the position. Or maybe you didn’t prepare as fully as you could have beforehand, leading …

By Ivy Exec - Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Tips from an Electrical Engineering Major 

Whenever I tell someone that I am going to school as an electrical engineer, unless they themselves are an engineer, tell me, ‘You must be really smart, that is way too much math. I could never do that,’ or something …

By Rachel Torgerson
Rachel Torgerson Career Mentor
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