Interview Essentials: What is The STAR Method?

You have probably heard about the STAR method in some form, but what does it mean and what is it used for?

The STAR method is the best way to answer behavioral based interview questions. These are the ones that typically start with “tell me about a time when.” There are many possibilities for these questions, but some common ones ask about working in a team, leadership skills, dealing with a difficult situation/person, solving a difficult problem, or implementing feedback. The components of this method are situation/task, action, and result. This method allows you to provide a clear picture and highlight your work. Now lets walk through the components in some more detail.

Situation/Task – Think of this like the beginning of a story. You want to set the scene by describing, where you are, who is involved, and what the parameters of the situation are. It is important to describe a specific situation and not just a generalization of things you have done.

Action – Next you want to describe the specific action you took and what your role was. It is important to keep the focus on yourself and your actions and avoid saying too much about what other people or team members did.

Result – Just as it sounds, this is the outcome. You want to hit on what happened in the end, how was this resolved, and what did you accomplish. If you are struggling to think of a clear result then talk about what you learned or took away from the situation.

Using this method you will have painted a clear picture for the employer and demonstrated your ability to recognize various parts of your experiences. If you have any questions about this method or want to practice answering these you can make an appointment with us on Bison Advise, or contact us at or (701) 231-7111

By Delaney Sage
Delaney Sage Career Mentor