NDSU Career and Advising Center- Student Spotlight

Avery Johnson

Major: Animal Science
Graduation Date: May 2023
Employer: Five Rivers Ranch – Yuma, CO

Avery has always had the goal of working at Five Rivers Cattle Feeding; the largest cattle feeder in the country. He had heard about the Career and Advising Center at freshman orientation and decided to schedule an appointment with one of our career coaches to increase his confidence in his interview skills and perfect his resume before applying. 

He met with Jerry South, the assistant director of career coaching, who helped him fine-tune his resume and help him prepare for his upcoming interview for a Summer internship position at Five Rivers Cattle Feeding. Jerry conducted a mock interview with agricultural related questions that “Helped with what to expect in the interview, how to approach certain questions and develop appropriate responses,” says the senior from Dayton, MN. 

Avery got the internship with Five Rivers Ranch using his skills he received while working with the Career and Advising Center and afterward returned to NDSU to finish his degree. He later applied for, and received an offer for a full-time position there. He again met with Jerry, this time to go over the details of his job offer.

Avery’s advice to other NDSU students is to “Utilize the Career and Advising resources, truly. When you’re interviewing, you’ve already prepared for that question in your mock interview.” 

He will start his career journey with Five Rivers Ranch after his graduation in May of 2023.

By Makenna Hufford
Makenna Hufford Marketing and Events Intern