What to Do Before Accepting a Job

“Congratulations, we would like to extend you an offer!” 

These are words everyone wants to hear after applying and interviewing for a job or internship. You may be eager to say yes right away. However, there are a few things to do before accepting your job offer. 

Express Gratitude

The first thing to do after you’ve been offered a job is to express your gratitude. The recruiters and hiring managers most likely have put in the same amount of effort of considering you for this position as you have. Thank them for the opportunity or thank them for selecting you for the position. 

Ask for a Written Offer

If you accept a job offer over the phone, it can be just as binding as signing a written offer, so you want to be cautious before accepting a verbal job offer. The best thing to do is ask the recruiter for a written offer. This gives you time to review the offer in writing and time to consider whether it is best for you to accept the job or not. 

It’s important to ask the recruiter how long you have before they need a decision to be respectful of their time also. 

Consider Salary & Benefits

Your salary and benefits are very important elements when considering accepting a job. Identify what is most important to you. For some, having the best salary is most important. Others would rather have more vacation time or a higher 401k contribution. Consider your wants and needs and determine if the salary and benefits package the company is offering works for you. 

Consider the Organization

You most likely would have done some research on the company prior to applying to the job, however, you often learn a lot more about the company through the interview process. It’s important to re-evaluate your thoughts on the organization and make sure it is a place you want to work. The organization you work for can have a big impact on your job satisfaction. You may want to think about their values, their company culture, the working environment, the company’s stability, and opportunities for advancement. 

These are just a few things to do when you are considering accepting a job offer. Everyone’s situations and experiences are different, so consider what is most important to you before accepting a job! 

By Madison Baggs
Madison Baggs Career Mentor