#NDSUintern Spotlight: Tanner Frederick

Major: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Company: Doosan Bobcat – Location of Internship: Gwinner, ND – Internship Title: Test Engineering Co-op

  • Why did you choose the company that you work for?
    • Doosan Bobcat is the world’s leader in compact equipment. Given that I am looking for a job working with agricultural and construction equipment, Doosan Bobcat was an easy decision.
  • What were some of the requirements for your internship?
    • I work directly with a Structures Senior Test Engineer with any number of tests they need completed. This could vary from ISO/ Bobcat Compliance verification, to prototype data collection.
  • What is your favorite part about your internship experience?
    • My favorite part of my Co-op experience so far has been learning from a team of incredibly intelligent and talented test engineers. Their willingness to teach and guide is so awe-inspiring. Running all the different equipment Doosan Bobcat offers is fun as well!
  • What is the most challenging part of your internship? How have you overcome these obstacles? 
    • The most challenging part of my Co-op with Doosan Bobcat has to be keeping up with the test engineers. No two days are the same, and any one of an infinite number of tests could come down the pipeline that are never the same as the test completed previously. Having a strong understanding of Bobcat standard procedure and good technical knowledge of the equipment in front you is key. Having a team nearby that is always willing to listen, look, and collaborate on a solution is also extremely beneficial.
  • How did you find your internship?
    • Through an NDSU Career Fair
  • Why was it beneficial for you to register for credit(s) through the Internship Program offered through the Career and Advising Center?
    • I am able to remain a full-time student at NDSU and take advantage of all of the things that status brings with it. It also works toward my degrees and my own personal growth.
  • What advice would you give a student who is in the process of applying for an internship?
    • An internship or co-op experience is incredibly valuable as a college student. Gaining hands-on experience helps to construct you as a well-rounded college graduate. You also can get a foot in the door for future job opportunities. The experience you gain from an internship or co-op experience is worth it’s weight in gold. Get your name out to companies, and don’t be discouraged if you get no for an answer. Take any opportunity to learn more and always be hungry for growth.

By Rachana Wright
Rachana Wright Graduate Assistant - Internship Program