Tips From a Strategic Communication Major

Usually when I tell someone that I am majoring in Strategic Communication, they don’t know what that means. The way I explain it is that Strategic Communication (Strat Comm) here at NDSU used to be called Public Relations & Advertising up until a few years ago. Many core classes within the major focus on topics including media relations, advertising strategy, professional writing, and event planning. 

Who should major in Strategic Communication?

  • You are interested in the creative side of marketing but not of the business/math side
  • You enjoy writing, problem solving, and planning
  • You like working in a team environment

One of the best things to know before deciding to major in Strat Comm is that this is a dynamic major which gives students the ability to tailor their program to what they’re interested in, and there are many minors that go well with this degree. Students majoring in Strategic Communication may choose to have an emphasis in either public relations or advertising and must complete an internship before graduating. Common minors that students choose include business administration, visual arts, or entrepreneurship. I’ve known Strat Comm majors who have gone on to work as graphic designers, copywriters, PR professionals, event planners, and more. 

I look at Strategic Communication like it’s a plain cake while electives and minors are the decorations.

My advice for those going into Strategic Communication is:

  • Get to know your professors
  • Join PRSSA
  • Do more than one internship if you can. Real world experience is important to truly understand what working as a PR or advertising professional is like – a classroom can’t mirror that exactly
By Abby Petersen
Abby Petersen Career Mentor