Tips from an Electrical Engineering Major 

Whenever I tell someone that I am going to school as an electrical engineer, unless they themselves are an engineer, tell me, ‘You must be really smart, that is way too much math. I could never do that,’ or something similar. I dislike it when people say this as I am not any smarter than the average person; I am not a genius on any level. I believe that anyone who wants to do engineering can. It is work and math, but if that is what interests you, and you are willing to put in effort, you can do it. All that said, it is not a major for everyone and I understand that too. 

If you are considering electrical engineering, there are a few points to consider.  

1.) This major has a hefty workload. You will have semesters that will be 14 to 16 credits. Will you be willing to put in the time and the effort to do well and grow?  

2.) There is a lot of math, and I will be the first to admit my past with math has been tumultuous at best. You need to understand that paying attention in math classes and doing well in the math courses will get you through your classes much better. Are you willing to go through those classes knowing, they will be the basis of the rest of your education.  

3.) You will need to meet with your professors because there will be topics that will not make sense to you. It happens to me all the time and when I started college, meeting with my professor was terrifying. Just remember they are people, and they want you to do well. Even if you do not choose to take electrical engineering, I hope that you use this advice in the major you do go with.  

Now that I have properly scared you, I hope you do choose to major in electrical engineering. You can do a lot with this degree from designing solar farms to teaching kids how to design trusses for a house. I look forward to seeing what the next generation of engineers can accomplish. 

In electrical engineering, you need to get through the math classes first before you can really get into classes that are more specified to your major. I recommend taking the math as soon as possible so you can. While you do this, I recommend getting done or close to done with your technical electives as you must take 12 credits. If there is a tech elective you want to take with prerequisites that you have not taken yet, that is fine to take later, just do not leave all your electives for your last couple of semesters. You can start your general classes, but I have found that if you take a few generals while you take your EE classes, they provide a nice break from math and technical thinking. These classes are hard, do not forget to enjoy college. Find classes that you enjoy breaking up the difficult classes with generals and tech electives. You can do this! It is difficult, but possible. I believe in you.

By Rachel Torgerson
Rachel Torgerson Career Mentor