#NDSUintern Spotlight: Bartholomew Ogbu

Major: Business Administration – Company: Central Cass Public School District   – Location of Internship: Casselton, ND – Internship Title: District Office Intern

  • Why did you choose the company that you work for?
    • I decided to work at the Central Cass school district office to apply my knowledge of business law, strategic management, entrepreneurship, problem-solving, athletics, and communication skills to a real-life scenario, and to obtain the necessary experience required to successfully lead an organization while also gaining some experience in running a successful athletic program.
  • What were some of the requirements for your internship?
    My duties are specific to the financial operation of the school as well as event and activity management. which includes: attend weekly administrative meetings, attend staff meetings and professional development training, work with the business manager to assist with budget planning for the 2022–2023 school year, assist with staffing and supervising school schedules, athletic and club activities, tournaments, community events, etc.
  • What is your favorite part about your internship experience?
    • My favorite part of the internship experience is the flexibility of the job. There’s something new almost every day, and I get to look forward to either spending time with the students, sitting in different meetings in the district office, or helping manage a sporting or activity event outside of campus.
  • What is the most challenging part of your internship? How have you overcome these obstacles? 
    • The most challenging part of this internship is the driving distance from where I live, especially when the roads are bad on the interstate because of storms. Casselton is about a 25-minute drive from Fargo, so I have to plan ahead on my travel time and maybe leave the house an hour earlier to arrive on time.
  • How did you find your internship?
    • Through a personal connection
  • Why was it beneficial for you to register for credit(s) through the Internship Program offered through the Career and Advising Center?
    • It is beneficial because I wanted the internship experience to reflect on my official transcript.

  • What advice would you give a student who is in the process of applying for an internship?
    • One piece of advice I will give to any student in the process of searching and applying for an internship is to find a place that applies directly to their intended career goal, and once you get there, try your best to be as involved as possible. Soak in every bit of information like a sponge and have a growth mindset towards the job experience.

By Rachana Wright
Rachana Wright Graduate Assistant - Internship Program