Ask a CM!

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all pushing through the end of the semester and handling the stress well. We’re almost done!

Today’s question is: Hello! Where is the NDSU link to ‘Handshake’, the higher ed version of LinkedIn where students post their online profile and apply for internships and other opportunities? 

Handshake is a place that many colleges and universities use for a student job board. Employers can post open positions that students can apply to. NDSU has CAREERLINK, which is the NDSU-specific job board. Both students and alumni can create profiles for employers to see. Employers post open positions for all types of jobs and internships for students and alumni to see and apply to. Applicants can filter by major, job type, and others to narrow their job search.

The link for CAREERLINK can be found at the very top of our webpage. You will login as a student with your NDSU credentials.

I hope this helped! Please continue to keep asking your questions by submitting them on our website. Also always feel free to stop into our virtual or physical studios, or reach out via phone call or email if there is anything else we can help you with! Good luck with finals and have a great winter break!

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By Sabrina Eggert
Sabrina Eggert Career Mentor Sabrina Eggert