Are you ready for the Business Studies Fair this Thursday?

We are gearing up and excited for the Business Studies Virtual Jobs Fair this Thursday and we hope you are as well!

But if you need some motivation to attend, here are 3 reasons to engage in this employer event:

  1. Face time with employers 💻
    1. Have you ever been interested in a job, but didn’t know if you should apply?
    2. Are you curious about companies but don’t want to send an email or do a cold call?
      1. Then career fairs are just the place for you!
        1. Interact with employers that want to hire NDSU students and would love to speak with you and tell you more about their companies and job opportunities.
  2. Jobs for the taking 💼
    1. Find out about internships and full time job opportunities to apply for based on your major and interest areas.
    2. Actually talk to people doing the hiring for these positions, to get a leg up on the competition.
  3. Network from your own home 🏠
    1. Don’t leave the comfort of your own home to chat with these employers from across the country.
    2. Choose your favorite quiet place, with a good internet connection and network away.

Register for a time slot with your employers of choice on CAREERLINK before midnight on Tuesday, September 15th.

For more insight on how to prepare check out our Career Fair Prep page. Or stop by our Online Career Studio.

We are happy to offer these fairs this semester, and truly hope you take advantage of them!

By Olivia Buller
Olivia Buller Senior Career Coach Olivia Buller