Preparing for a Future Internship – 5 Ways to Maximize your Summer Break

Summertime provides much needed time for relaxation – but can also be a great opportunity to increase productivity in other areas. Whatever you do – be safe and have fun!


You want an internship down the line… and you’re wondering what you can do now to help get you out and ahead of the curve.


Well, look no further! We have compiled a list of doable (and fun!) things to try that are perfect fillers for that little extra free time you might have outside of classes.


These are only 5 ideas, but are accessible and can be done safely and responsibly – even amidst the landscape of our ever-changing world!

1. Learn a New Skill 🧠

  • Always looking for another something-fancy to add to your resume? Summer is an opportune time to develop another skill to add to your list of “can-do’s”! You’ve probably always wanted to try something to add to your professional development (and may not have even realized it.) Designing a website, learning to code, creating a blog platform, virtual scrapbooking your travel photos from your study abroad experience… ALL of these skills would be great additions to any resume as they include problem-solving and loads of transferable skills! Give it a go yourself through trial and error – or even look for a free course online to learn something new that could benefit you in your future internship or job!


2. Get Musical 🎡

A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take… and an even better thing to be!

  • Have you ever had the inkling to play an instrument, sing your heart out, or perform for others? Summer is a great time to build on ANY interests – but music is a great option – especially considering the ease of getting outdoors this time of year. Furthermore, playing music can also add to your professional experiences as it can be team-building in nature, can boost your confidence, can enhance social and emotional health, is known to increase cognitive creativity, is a stress-relief, and has been shown to increase productivity! Rock on! 🎀

3. Check-In πŸ“ž

  • Although their availability will vary – have you ever thought about reaching out to your advisor, past supervisor, or favorite professor during the summer? Staying connected is sometimes challenging amidst this fast-paced world we all bustle around in, but a phone call, quick email, or hand written card (even to say “thanks!”) is a great way to show your appreciation, care, and dedication for your commitment to college, an internship, and your career after. As you

    You never know when a phone call will make someone’s day!

    may have heard – it’s the little things that people remember! And, if you’re already great at these recommended check-ins, take a second to call an old friend or your mother! We hear moms like to hear from you πŸ™‚

4. Travel 🌏

Although our world’s current state has a fair amount of restrictions related to traveling, there are still ways to (safely) see the world around you! Traveling can boost your knowledge of different cultures, get you outside, and expand your worldview. Plus, with your student ID – there are discounts just waiting for you to take advantage of! Local town festivals, outdoor concerts, road trips, and camping are all fantastic ways to up your travel game. Even exploring the city you live in (you may think you know it… but do you really know it?) can work wonders in expanding your worldly perspective. Local hikes, secret gems, historical landmarks or a simple walk downtown can truly open your eyes to things in your own city you may not have appreciated or even seen before. ***Pro-tip – pretend you’re a tourist exploring – and bring some friends along! It might help with the adventure. (Hashtag staycation!) Plus, new experiences are always a great conversation piece for your next interview!

5. Get a jump on Fall πŸ“š

  • Summer is the PERFECT time to plan ahead to make your fall 2020 semester the smoothest yet! Some ideas to help you feel prepped and confident for your next academic year could include: sprucing up your resume (never fun but always worth it!) filling in your 2020-2021 planner, researching professional development conferences you’d wish to attend, looking for scholarships, scoping out electives, planning your budget, looking into study abroad opportunities, signing-up to volunteer for a great cause… the list goes on!

Your hard-work for school may have taken a pause… but your effort doesn’t have to!



What did we miss? Let us know your ideas for #6, #7, and more! The list goes on! πŸ™‚


Keep having a great summer #NDSUinterns! 🀘

By Rachel Grace
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