Hidden Gems: A Series

If you have ever spent more than 12 seconds on our website, you have probably seen that we have a ton of content.  To help campus get a glimpse of some of our less well-known/utilized resources, we will provide a monthly blog highlighting one of our “Hidden Gems”!


Hidden Gem of the Month:  Scheduling an appointment with a Career Coach to discuss job search, resume/cover letter/document reviews, and career exploration is very simple!  Click on the Calendly links listed below to set up a time to meet with a Coach.  They will follow up with you after scheduling to discuss more about your individual situation.


Olivia ScottOlivia Scott – https://calendly.com/olivia-scott


Amanda ReilAmanda Reil – https://calendly.com/amanda-reil


Cassie GilbertCassandra Gilbert – https://calendly.com/cassandra-gilbert


Jerry SouthJerry South – https://calendly.com/jerry-south

By Amanda Reil
Amanda Reil Senior Career Coach Amanda Reil