4 Budgeting Tips for your Summers During College

Little by little…. a little becomes a lot!


Is it just us – or is budgeting a challenging art to master – especially during college? 💰🤯


Whether you are trying to stay away from acquiring debt, or you’re looking to save for the future… we have some tips for you (college students especially) that may help!


  1. Have your student ID on you at ALL TIMES 🎫

Discounts for college students are EVERYWHERE! And, you could probably be saving on things you already spend money on. From technology for school (Apple and Adobe offer reduced pricing for students) to big brand clothing companies (like Forever 21, Amazon, and J.Crew) all the way to local restaurants – places get it! You could use a break. If you’re not sure if a company offers a discount – simply ask before handing your card over.

2. Buy in Bulk 🥐

Buying in bulk can save money, benefit the environment, and limit your exposure during this time of pandemic

If you live with roommates or friends, or if you spend time alone – there are multiple bulk items that you can purchase to save money in the long run. Memberships to stores like Costco and Sam’s Club also have student discounts, so be sure to stack up on nonperishable items, toiletries, and food instead of buying small amounts more often! Check out this link for foods that are great (and not so great) to buy in bulk.

3. Pack your Lunch 🥪

The newest blended beverage at the coffee shop on campus… *drool worthy* (we know!) but, a $6 coffee or those yummy tacos even just two times per week can add a substantial amount to your monthly spending. Whether you invest in a $15 blender and make your version of the drink at home, or pack homemade tacos ahead of time, you could really be saving in the hundreds, per month. A recent survey found that average student spends $10-12 per day on food, which equals $70-84 per week. That’s over $300 every month! Whoa.

This same concept goes for drinks on the weekends, too. Before making any lifestyle changes, consider keeping a note in your phone – and jot down the amount and what you bought whenever you’re out to eat or drink. After a week or two – track your changes and see if you’d rather cut back and put your hard-earned money elsewhere.

We wish you a future of financial freedom and happiness and hope some of these tips were useful! You can do it!

4. Don’t Stress! ✌️

We know that college, paired with a pandemic, isn’t the easiest time to be stress-free; in the financial department in particular. But, with just a little common sense and discipline applied consistently, you can meet your budgetary goals. And, when you can say that you’ve also met your academic goals  –  your financial future will be off to a great start.


By Rachel Grace
Rachel Grace