Mentoring Relationships: What do they look like?

On to the next topic of our four-part blog series regarding mentoring relationships:  What does a mentoring relationships actually look like?

While everyone will have different needs or requests from a mentor, there are a few primary goals or gains from having these types of relationships:

  • Learn specifics of a position, company, industry, and more!
  • Gain perspective on the ins and outs of company projects, experiences with events at that company, or collaborative involvements and meetings.
  • Learn about the “best practices” for resumes, cover letters, or job search strategies for their industry. Perhaps they can provide unknown insights and you can always run their feedback by the Career and Advising Center as well!
  • Receive realistic, honest, and applicable feedback, suggestions, or criticisms to best prepare you for a future career.

To get more information on each of the above mentioned areas and to learn more about other mentoring relationship strategies, visit our Mentoring Relationships page. Keep an eye on our blog and social media posts in the next couple of weeks for more on this topic!

By Amanda Reil
Amanda Reil Senior Career Coach Amanda Reil