5 Ideas for Remote Interning Like a Rock-Star

A clean and dedicated workspace can help with mental health, productivity, AND focus. Um – YES please!


Working from home. Eating from home. Meetings from home… with stay at home orders letting us go, well, nowhere – we’ve compiled a list that may help you stay more focused 🧐 Alllllll the while completing your internship duties remotely 🏡


  1. Have your Workspace be your Workspace 🖋️💻

Similar to if you were interning at the office, personalize your workspace at home! Try to strategically plan to keep your space away from roommates, televisions or any other elements that could be distracting. Even if you’re cramped for space, try to get creative. It’ll help your brain adjust to be able to focus on the task at hand. (For example, when you enter the kitchen, your mind and body know it’s time to eat!)

So, try to dedicate space for your work – most importantly, so that you can truly leave the office at the end of the day and take time to decompress and relax. Just like your bedroom should be reserved for sleeping, your work space should be reserved for work.

  1. Find your flow and Row, Row Row ⛵

Just like any other new routine, you are the only one who can discover what works best for you. But, we have found that setting a schedule and sticking to it can best help draw the map for success. Just like you might keep a “get-to-sleep” and “leave the house” schedule for interning on site – interning at home should be no different. Schedule a mid-morning snack break, take a few minutes to stretch or exercise, and be sure to take your lunch break. Often, we may feel guilty from leaving our laptops while on the clock – but, scheduled breaks actually aid to our productivity throughout the day.

  1. Managing Distractions ❌

Although distractions can surface in various forms throughout the work-from-home day, getting off-track doesn’t mean you have to stay there!

From your cell phone, going outside, or household chores, we have ideas to keep your distractions to a minimum.

Doggone it! Maybe this “intern from home” thing isn’t so bad after all.

Social media is a well-known sure fire way to steer our focus in the wrong direction. But fear no more: we have a few ideas to be sure you avoid the social media rabbit hole we’ve all been down.

  • Limit your exposure with helpful apps. Tools like Stay Focusd  can help keep your social media time to a minimum by limiting the time you spend on them.
  • Also, certain applications (like Facebook and Instagram) also have built-in features that can remind you when your chosen scrolling-limit is up! Go to the “Settings” page to activate. Not only will the data show you how much time you often spend on the apps, but you have the option to also set daily reminders that will send you alerts when you have reached the amount of time you have allowed yourself
  • Make note for daily goals 📝
    • Although vacuuming may seem like a priority, make a checklist related to your intern-duties at the end of each day so you can come back tomorrow feeling motivated with a set plan
  • Last but not least, mind over matter! You can achieve the goals you set for yourself 💪
  1. Keep your Business Mindset 🧑‍💼

Think about how you feel when you are on-site at your internship or other employment opportunity. Your chosen outfit for the day helps you to feel confident, you smile and have quick conversations with leaders and colleagues in the hall, and your office is well-kept and professional.

  • Although it may seem unnatural at first (because you are at home) try to treat this remote internship just like you’d treat an on-campus one. Dress for success, reach out to other members of the business (via text or video conference) and be sure to keep your workspace clean and organized to prime you for success down the road.

5. Clock in, clock out 🕔

Mid or after work reminder: A breath of fresh air is a great thing to take. (And an even better thing to be!)

Although completing internship responsibilities at home can seem quite fluid (you begin to find yourself at your laptop in the morning, during the day, and the evening) it’s crucial to program relaxation into your schedule, too.

Time away from your desk can lessen stress, decrease long exposure to screen time, and rejuvenate you for tomorrow – so you’ll be prepared and ready to be the creative and productive intern you are. At end of the day, turn your laptop off (electronics benefit from sleep, too 😉)  get some fresh air, indulge in a hobby, FaceTime a loved one, or pick up an enjoyable book. Just as you would drive home from the office to spend a night away from work – your interning from home journey should be no different.


What has been working well for you during this work from home stretch? Let us know! We always enjoy hearing from you! ndsu.intern@ndsu.edu 

By Rachel Grace
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