Navigating Summer Internships (COVID-19 Edition)

With much uncertainty surrounding the recent pandemic, searching and securing an internship might be scary stuff!

But, fear no more – our team has put together some helpful resources

to make sure you can put your best foot forward

when navigating the first steps of the internship process.

Our Top Tips when Searching for Internship Opportunities:

  1. Keep in touch 📞
    • It is of vital importance to keep in touch with recruiters and/or site supervisors
    • Let them know how best to get ahold of you…maybe your internet is spotty, give them your cell phone number
    • No need to bombard them with emails and calls, you still have to be patient (see below), but do not feel like you are burdening them if you send them an email requesting an update on your pending offer.
    • Be Patient
      • Just as we have had to adjust how we are teaching and learning at NDSU, employers are also re-imagining and re-configuring their normal business operations. They are scrambling, just like everyone else, to adjust to this new normal and (in some cases) totally re-invent the way they do business.
      • Expect delays in email or phone call responses. It is important to maintain professionalism, even if you are anxious to get a response
  1. Expand your scope 🔍
    • These are uncertain times. While you may still land that dream internship, you may need to broaden your viewpoint and look for unexpected opportunities. Be creative in your endeavors!
    • Focus on skills you would like to improve – maybe you can still grow your skillset with an internship that isn’t 100% directly related to your field of study
    • Focus on the in-demand industries (health care, technology, food service, health care supply companies, …. Etc.)
  1. Where to look: 🤩
    • CAREERLINK (There are over 150 available internships listed just for NDSU students!)
    • Explore startups! Many startups rely on interns all year long.
    • LinkedIn
    • Check in with your Personal networks
      1. Friends/family
      2. Professors
      3. Mentors, your old volleyball coach…etc.

⭐ Helpful Links ⭐

  1. Take a break to strengthen your application 🧘
    • Look at your academic plan – can you afford to do an internship next year rather than this year? Or perhaps in the fall?
    • Polish up those career documents (resume, CL, etc… ) à CAC!
    • Volunteer!! – so many opportunities to volunteer during this pandemic…..AND it looks great on a resume
    • Build your transferable skill set with a part-time job (in an in-demand industry) – Soft skills land you jobs. Technical skills can be taught, but how you present yourself is what counts – employers seek out students who excel in communication skills, teamwork, problem solving… Take time to reflect on your areas of growth and how you can improve those.

And lastly…we believe in you! We know this is a difficult time (we feel it too) but, with hard work and diligence, your efforts WILL eventfully pay off. So keep at it!

What did we miss? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message! 


Be well! Sending our Best,

Your #NDSUintern Team

By Rachel Grace
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