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This week’s question: Is having a LinkedIn account worth it?

It definitely is! When you are trying to expand your network, search for jobs, or connect with people in your field, LinkedIn is a great place to start! It has a job board with positions posted for varying industries and from all over the world. Many recruiters are on LinkedIn as well looking to connect and find people to employ! But a big question that student’s ask is, how do you create a “good” LinkedIn profile?

First, you need to have a catchy headline that appears under your name. The headline could be your current position or if you are job searching, you could put your aspirations.

    • For example: “Aspiring Software Engineer” or “Recent graduate seeking Full-Time Software Engineer positions” or “Seeking Software Engineer Summer Internships”

Next, you will want to have a strong summary in your “About” section. A summary can be used to demonstrate what your goals are to companies, as well as a snapshot of your accomplishments/skills. The first two sentences are shown to people viewing your profile but then they have to click see more to read the full content. Just like an essay, you need an attention getter to draw the reader in, so they will continue reading!

After you have a headline and summary your profile can be made custom to whatever you would like to display to employers. Most individuals include their education and work/internship experience. For the work/internship experiences, you should include bullet points to describe your role and what you gained from that position (similar to a resume)! You can also add in projects, accomplishments, clubs/organizations, certifications/licenses, and any volunteer experiences that you have had.

Another section that is a way to show an employer directly what skills you have is the “skills” section. In this section, you can have your top skills listed and then your connections can “endorse” them!

Now, that you have created your profile, you can begin exploring employers and specific companies of interest.

You can begin searching for jobs in the “Jobs” section or you can type in specific companies to search employees. That would allow you to make connections in the field! You can click on the “see all employees on LinkedIn”. You can then search by employees:

  • Position title
  • Location
  • Where they studied
  • Degree Received

If you are wanting an internship or full-time position, send individuals fitting your interests a message asking to connect and any specific questions you have. Reaching out to recruiters is a great way to get your resume and name out there!

Another way to create a network on LinkedIn is through the alumni tool. If you search for “North Dakota State University” on the left hand-side of the main page, you can see a tab called “Alumni“. If you are looking to see what the people who graduated with your major are doing or where they are living after graduating you can reach out to them through a private message.

Most people love to talk about their work, if they are passionate about their field! The worst that can happen is they say no or don’t respond. It never hurts to reach out and take that chance!

If you are not in the job searching stage quite yet, you can always use LinkedIn to explore what companies are out there in your area! If you follow a company, you can see all of their posts on your homepage!

Overall, LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that allows you to connect with people who are down the street or around the globe! This is just another way for you to take advantage of opportunities!

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By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Graduate Career Mentor Andrea Richard