Students Celebrated at Intern Night

Table settings featured the “fall” theme of the night – decorated with paper leaves that students could fill out, to later pin on the Intern Tree

Fall 2019. A season of change and new beginnings. What better way to celebrate our #NDSUintern (s) other than a night full of free entertainment, food, and fun?

“Intern Night” was hosted by the Career and Advising Center (CAC) on the campus of NDSU as a way to both commemorate students who completed an internship through the center during the summer of 2019, as well as an opportunity to introduce new students to the idea of what an internship might look like.

With these two very distinct group of students, the evening was full of both shared accounts of prior internship experiences as well as questions and advice-seeking from prospective students that were considering the idea of enrolling in internship credit through the CAC.

On Wednesday, October 23rd in the Great Plains Ballroom, the CAC staff greeted students attending Intern Night. Since the event was hosted from 4-6pm, students were welcomed with a (provided) spread of hors d’oeuvres – all to pair with the “autumn-like” theme of the event. Warm apple cider alongside of the multiple appetizers seemed to be a hit of the evening!

Students had the opportunity to win a prize from a variety of gifts – all donated from the NDSU and surrounding community

During the initial part of the event, students were able to not only socialize and mingle, but also had the opportunity to earn prize tickets by completing individual activities (hosted by the CAC staff.)

Students first posed for the photo booth – and later uploaded their photos and tagged #NDSUintern on their social media accounts

Activities ranged from getting dressed up in silly costumes to smile for a photo booth picture with friends, to filing out colored-paper “leaves” to pin on a shimmering gold “Intern Tree” that was housed at the front of the ballroom. Each leaf had a different prompt – including questions like, “What did you enjoy most about your internship experience?” and “Why would an internship experience in college be helpful?”

The Intern Tree seemed to resonate with students and provided productive points for conversation starters among each of the groups of attendees. Students were also given the chance to get to know each other via organized roundtable-discussions during the event. Via the process of RSVP-gathering prior to the event, students who had completed an internship were able to volunteer to facilitate a roundtable discussion. This activity provided the opportunity for a more in-depth educational glance at what different internship experiences might entail.

Students strategize during the employer-led activity

To continue the evening, Eide Bailly (much more than just a tax and audit firm here in Fargo) was the guest-employer for the night. With a prepared activity that required students to work together to construct towers out of uncooked spaghetti, tape, rope, and a marshmallow for the top – discussions circled around how all the skills used to build the tower could also apply to internships. In a large group discussion, students shared how leadership, working together, and communication were skills that they utilized and   were able to practice at their different sites of internship.

Who knew balancing a marshmallow on a few noodles could be so hard?

As the event concluded, students excitedly displayed their previously earned tickets as the CAC staff randomly announced the lucky winners for the many door prizes available. A table at the front of the room exhibited the soon-to-be student prizes: all donated by generous businesses on and around the campus of NDSU. The majority of those in attendance went home with at least one prize – including NDSU apparel, Caribou Coffee gift cards, water bottles, coffee mugs, and bags of “swag” with cozy blankets, electronics, and chocolate goodies provided by Eide Bailly.

Creativity and laughs – what a good combination!

As the evening wrapped up, it was clear that students had made meaningful connections, learned a thing or two about the internship process, and maybe even exited with a well-deserved prize (*which* could maybe just mean a free coffee for their tomorrows.) Regardless of why each of the students had attended – our hearts were warmed by witnessing all of the good things happening. (Now that you mention it – our bellies were awfully warm from the apple cider, too.)


The completed InternTree – full of both advice and questions from interns and potential interns

The CAC would like to thank all who made this event possible, as well as the students and participants who were able to attend. A special thanks to our sponsors and donors, including Eide Bailly, Caribou Coffee (12th & University) and the NDSU bookstore. Also, a big shout-out to NDSU’s Dining and Catering Services. We aren’t sure what you put in those BBQ Meatballs, but we do know we will be ordering more.

For more information on anything career or internship-related, don’t hesitate to connect with the Internship Team via NDSU’s Career and Advising Center by visiting our website, or at

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By Rachel Grace
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