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This week’s question: I got an offer for a full-time internship/co-op for the spring semester that will take me off campus. Will I still be an NDSU student?

That is a great question! The students participating in full-time internships or co-ops, who will not be on campus or able to take on a full course load, should consider registering their internship/co-op for credit through the Internship Program at the Career and Advising Center. The Internship Program is open to all majors on campus and is even required for certain majors. Always speak with your Academic or Faculty Advisor about the internship requirements for your major to fully understand the specifications.

Qualifications to register your internship/co-op:

  • Experience is directly related to the student’s major, field of study, or career goals
  • Duties of the position are professional or paraprofessional in nature
  • The position is on-site and supervised (*internships can be paid or unpaid experiences)
  • Student is covered under the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance
  • Students have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA prior to internship registration

Benefits to registering your internship/co-op:

  • Help students earn credit for their internship/co-op experiences
  • Help students maintain a full-time student status while they are participating in full-time positions or experiential learning opportunities that take them off campus for a semester
  • Support future and current interns and provide resources as they dive into the world of experiential learning
  • Connect students with the highest quality internship and co-op experiences within their industries
  • An “NDSU Intern” graduation pin
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Specialized events
  • #NDSUintern Spotlight Blog

You may still be wondering how exactly you remain a full-time student….

By registering for 3 credits through the NDSU Career and Advising Center ( or work 300+ hours in a given semester) students maintain a full-time student status even if they are not taking any additional credits. During this time, student loans do not enter repayment, students maintain access to all NDSU services and amenities, and are able to register for courses and return to campus easily once finished with their internship.

If you still have questions about the program or need assistance finding an internship stop into the Career Studio and visit with one of our staff!

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By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Graduate Career Mentor Andrea Richard