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Hello everyone!

This week we have had some questions from prospective students due to Discover NDSU being the past few days. First of all, welcome to NDSU!

The main question from students: What courses should I take to prepare for a major and future job?

That is an awesome question! There are many places to gain information on what courses will help prepare you for certain fields. One of the first places I would suggest is the NDSU bulletin or the NDSU curriculum guides! If you click on the specific major you are interested in you can see the “High School Preparation” section, as well as the example course listings. You can see the course descriptions and all the courses that would be required for the major. There is also information on “Career Opportunities”! This is a great way to see what options you have for each of the majors.

Once you have looked at the courses for a major and have decided you have an interest, you may want to make an appointment with an advisor for that major! If you are a prospective student find the department contact information for an advisor. You can call or email the department as well for more information! If you are a current NDSU student, you can visit the Navigate App or website to make an appointment with your advisor or prospective advisor. The location you select will be the major you are interested in, so you don’t have to know the specific advisor to make the appointment!

If you are wanting to explore majors or careers, you can always drop-in to the Career and Advising Center. A Career Mentor would love to visit with you!


That concludes this week’s blog. Please write your questions on the lower, right side of the main page of our website!

I will be answering them every Friday. Ask any question you like, no question is too small!


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By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Graduate Career Mentor Andrea Richard