Still on the hunt for a summer job or internship?

No need to worry, opportunities are just an application away!

Check out the below job boards to kick-start your search:


  • NDSU specific job board and career management tool
  • Currently almost 700 job listings posted
  • Search based on your major, the type of position (full-time, part-time, internship), by location, or employer
  • Check out the new 12TwentyGPS Job Network feature located next to the Job Listings tab
      • This feature allows you to see positions that were posted at other universities in the country – meaning more opportunities from employers in varying regions!


  • Popular – well utilized job board
  • Easy search engine that allows you to search by job title and location
  • Click on advanced search to type in additional criteria
      • Do not over look positions based on on their title – read through the position description thoroughly as titles can be misleading
      • Search based on qualifications and skills to garner more results than just searching by titles
      • Use O*NET or What Can I Do With This Major? to help you find key words to help your search


Quick Tips:

  1. Be sure to tailor your application materials to each company you apply with
    1. Cover the minimum, required, and preferred qualifications from the position description on your resume and cover letter
    2. Your resume and cover letter are going to change with every position you apply to
  2. Save the position description once you have applied to help you prepare for the interview
    1. Position descriptions will generally get deleted from an employers site or the job board once the application date closes
  3. Stay organized
    1. Keep track of when you applied to companies and follow up with employers if you haven’t heard back at least 2 weeks after the application date has closed


If you want additional job search tips, or would like assistance with your application materials stop by the Career Studio in 306 Ceres Hall. Or email to receive information via email.

Good luck & keep searching!

By Olivia Buller
Olivia Buller Senior Career Coach Olivia Buller