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This week’s question: How do I search for a job? What are trusted places to look?

That is a great question!

Finding an internship or post-grad position can be overwhelming. Here’s a few tips for making the process as seamless as possible!

There are jobs scams out there, so make sure you are on a more trusted job board (listed below) and are doing your research to make sure it is not a fraudulent posting. Here is a resource detailing job scams!

Job Boards: A resource that describes each of these job boards and tips for utilizing them can be found here!

    • Employers from all over the country can register an account with us, to specifically look for NDSU students and Alumni
    • Career Center staff screen job postings before they are posted to make sure they are legitimate jobs and employers
  2. Indeed
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Glassdoor
  5. USAJobs
  6. Job Service ND

Another great place to see what jobs are available is the Career Fairs/Expos that the Career Center hosts throughout every academic year. To find the specific dates and companies that will be attending the upcoming year visit here!

You can also visit a specific company’s website to see their job openings, or to reach out to them directly!

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By Andrea Richard
Andrea Richard Graduate Career Mentor Andrea Richard