Internship Tuesday – Fact or Myth? Part 1

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Myth – Internships that pay the most are the best internships.

Fact – Pay and fringe benefits are things to consider when choosing an internship; however, the goal of an internship is to get relevant career experience, network and get a foot in the door of a desired industry or career path. With that in mind, there are many other factors that a potential intern should consider prior to accepting an internship.

Work Schedule:

Myth – “I can’t do an Internship due to my class schedule.” OR  “I need to work more over the summer so I can’t afford to do an internship”

Fact –  Not all internships are full-time and many employers are willing to accommodate students’ class schedules. Students can combine a part-time internship with a part-time job. Other students are able to do a full-time, paid internship in the summer to get the desired work experience and earn money at the same time.

Delayed Graduation:

Myth – “Doing an internship will require me to suspend my academics for a semester and delay my graduation.”

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Fact – Many students are able to do an internship right here in the F/M area. 48% of students who reported an internship to the Career Center for Spring 2019 found their internships in the F/M Area. These students came from different departments on campus (College of Business, College of Agriculture, Food Systems and Natural Resources, College of Arts,  Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Health Professions, College of Engineering, etc.). Since many employers offer part-time internships and are willing to accommodate students’ class schedules,  students are able to complete an internship without needing to suspend their semester or prolong their graduation date.

Academic/Student Status:

Myth – “I got an internship but it’s not in the F/M area so I may have to suspend my enrollment as an NDSU student in order to complete my internship.”

Fact – Most students who anticipate to work a minimum of 300 internship hours within a semester are able to register their internship through the Career Center to maintain a full-time student status. If approved, students won’t be required to be enrolled in any other class. The internship course by itself will grant the student a full-time student status so they won’t need to suspend a semester. Also, student loans will not go into repayment status as long as the student is registered in the Career Center’s Internship Program and is eligible for a full-time student status (working 300+ hours).

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Fact or Myth?…To be continued.

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By Emmanuel Jinor
Emmanuel Jinor Internship Program Specialist Emmanuel Jinor