Building a Resume Thru Holiday Volunteer Experiences

The Holiday’s are here, time to relax and enjoy family.  Often people look at this time of year as an opportunity to give back to society by volunteering to serve the community. Often this is done at homeless shelters, soup kitchens, or at hospitals to name a few.  This is a very commendable and selfless act of kindness during this season of giving.

Not to undermine the value or true intent, but these types of volunteer experiences can be used to build a resume.  Employers often want to see not just your technical skills and work experience, but your personal skills as well.  Some of the skills volunteering can build and be used on a resume to enhance your personal qualifications would be:

  • The ability to work in a team.
  • Leadership.
  • Problem solving and adaptability.
  • Communication.
  • The ability to plan and prioritize work.
  • Time management.

So as you enjoy your time away from class, think about giving back to the community by volunteering. Reflect on what you have done, jot down some details, determine what personal skills you used, and use this information to help build out your resume.


By Jerry South
Jerry South Assistant Director of Career Coaching