Exploring a major can be stressful…but NDSU has tools to help

There are plenty of reasons to avoid planning ahead for your future career.  Maybe you are a freshman and the idea of thinking about a career is ridiculous because it’s “so far out”.  Maybe you are a sophomore who is having a hard time telling your friends and family you are thinking about switching your major because of how “sure” you have been of your future since 2nd grade.  NDSU has some tools to help you explore the majors on campus and can also help you start looking ahead at what curriculum, internships, or possible careers might lie ahead.


Major Maps have been created by the professionals who work within most of the departments/majors we have here at NDSU, meaning that the content of each can be an excellent resource full of recommendations for how to make the most of your academic experiences.  Each Major Map has recommendations for the following areas: Navigating Coursework, Developing Skills through Experience, Seeking Out Connections, Understanding Broader Perspectives, and Building Your Future.


So, go ahead.  Look up your chosen major or dare to look into another major that you might find interesting.  Major Maps can help you plan ahead, without holding you to it.  If you would like to “walk through” the maps with someone, feel free to stop by the Career Studio, Ceres Hall 306, and a professional staff member can help you see how the map might fit some of your academic and career goals.

By Amanda Reil
Amanda Reil Senior Career Coach Amanda Reil