Don’t Work to Live, Live to Work!

What does that mean anyway?  “Don’t work to live, live to work”….. It means finding a career that holds your interest and aligns with your passions, skills, and interests.  Do your part while you are in college to learn the industry and see how each section lines up with who you are and what you enjoy doing.  Don’t just sit in the classroom, study, get good grades, then flush that info for another round of classes next semester.  Well, DO go to class, study hard, learn the info….but don’t forget it.  Instead, take it to the next level and learn how it applies to industry.  How are local industries using this information for the development of their products, research, or services?  Then compare what they are doing to your interests. Do you see a match?  If so, this could be an area of concentration for your future.

Finding a career you will enjoy doing is the ultimate key to success.  If that means you need to do some self-assessments to learn more about yourself, than do them.  There are plenty of free version on the internet that can guide your path.  Some good ones I have found are:


GPS Lifeplan

What Can I Do With This Major


These tools can help you explore who you are and help you align yourself to a career that you will enjoy doing for years to come. Believe me, there is nothing like coming home from a day’s work and feeling accomplished, satisfied with what you are doing and knowing why you are doing it.

If you would like help with this exploration, stop on by the Career Center. We would love to chat with you about your future!

By Jerry South
Jerry South Assistant Director of Career Coaching