RPS Group Employer Presentation

On Wednesday, April 25th, a group of NDSU students and staff attended an employer presentation put on by Brent Christian, Senior Vice President of the RPS Group.  RPS Group is an international company that provides consulting services and technology solutions to support clients working in various sectors – public and private infrastructure, energy, and environmental risk management.  Brent is an NDSU Alumni – a Civil Engineering graduate from the College of Engineering! After the presentation, students were given the opportunity to ask questions they had about the positions offered and the company as a whole. Their U.S. locations include San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas and Houston, Texas, which are conveniently not too far from Frisco. For anyone graduating from NDSU, this may come in handy when January’s FCS Championship game comes to town.

If interested in future employment or internships, RPS Group will be returning this fall for the Engineering and Tech Expo, and will be willing to answer any questions then. Thank you RPS Group for coming and sharing information about your company!

If you would like to learn more about RPS Group, feel free to check out their website: http://www.rpsgroup.com/ 

RPS Group Plc

By Katie Skalicky
Katie Skalicky Career Mentor Katie Skalicky