J.R. Simplot Company Employer Presentation Review

On Monday, April 9th, J.R. Simplot Company put on an employer presentation for NDSU students and staff to attend! The event had a great turn out, and the students were also given the opportunity to ask any questions they had! J.R. Simplot Company is a private agriculture company that has career opportunities in plant sciences, food science, animal science, and agribusiness. Nationally and internationally, they are also the potato supplier for many large fast food chains, including McDonald’s!

This summer, there are only a select few internships open for applicants. If interested for future employment or internships, Simplot will be returning this fall for the Agriculture and Agribusiness Career Expo, and will be willing to answer any questions then. Thank you J.R. Simplot Company for coming and sharing about your company!

If you would like to learn more about J.R. Simplot Company, feel free to check out their website! http://www.simplot.com/

Internships available through J.R. Simplot Company

By Katie Skalicky
Katie Skalicky Career Mentor Katie Skalicky