Hide & Seek: Make your LinkedIn Profile Easily Found by Recruiters

If you are using your LinkedIn profile as a job search tool for yourself it is important to make sure it is getting found in the large game of hide and seek recruiters engage in when they search out candidates on the site.  The key to being found is using keywords and phrases.  LinkedIn’s search function operates off of Boolean technology, meaning that recruiters can search for a string of keywords and the profiles that possess those keywords will get pulled into the search results.  The more keywords used, the more narrow the search results might be.  Keywords or phrases are the skills, techniques or technologies most commonly sought for any given industry.  For instance, someone hiring an accountant might search for LinkedIn profiles using the keywords: accounting, accountant, payroll, reconcile, analysis, attention to detail, organization, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.

Another thing to consider when it comes to describing your work experience is your chosen job titles.  “Yes, it’s cool and fun that your company allows you to call yourself a ‘Cloud Sales Ninja’ but non industry standard titles do not help recruiters to find you”, according to Frank Vanco, Recruiting Manager at Social Solutions in Austin, Texas.  Try to use position titles that are more commonly understood in your industry, even if you have to work them into your work description rather than listing a false job title.

To sum up, key words and phrases are essential in getting your LinkedIn profile in the hands of recruiters.

See more information in Vanco’s full article here: http://bit.ly/2nrXbuO

By Kate Nelson
Kate Nelson Career Specialist Kate Nelson