5 Tips to Have the Best First Day at Your New Internship

The first day of your brand new internship can be very nerve wracking! Having a game plan to make it a successful day is key.

(By the way, if you haven’t registered your internship for credits yet, make sure to do that! Here are some benefits of registering your internship with the Career Center’s Internship Program.)

Here are 5 tips to have the best first day at your new internship:

  1. Understand the opportunity
  2. Know that they hired you for a reason
  3. Know as much as you can about the company
  4. Learn your role
  5. Network as much as possible

HERE are details on the 5 tips and the entire article by Chaim Shapiro, the Director of the Office for Student Success at Touro College.

By Jamie Tait
Jamie Tait Events Assistant & Marketing Coordinator Jamie Tait