#NDSUintern Advice

Kody Dinh
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Graduation Date: December 2018
Company: UTC Aerospace Systems
Position: Mechanical Design Engineering Co-Op
Location: Jamestown, ND

Why did you choose to work for UTC Aerospace Systems?

Being the son of a Boeing design engineer, the Aerospace industry had always interested me. For most of my life I knew I wanted to pursue a career in this field. When I found out UTC Aerospace Systems was looking for Co-Ops to help with design, I knew I had found a perfect opportunity to chase my dream!

How many internships did you apply to before you were hired?


Did you register for credits through the Career Center’s Internship Program? If so, why was it beneficial for you to register?

Yes, I did apply for internship credits. It has been beneficial for me because it allowed me to maintain my full-time student status. I am able to use the NDSU facilities and attend student events when I am in the Fargo area.

Do you have any advice for students who haven’t had an internship yet or are in the process of applying to internships?

I would strongly suggest that students apply for internships or co-ops at some point during their college career. Seek hiring opportunities online and attend events like the expos that NDSU sets up. They are very useful when trying to pursue an internship.
I would also encourage attending any event that can help you build a professional network. “Who you know” can play a giant role in finding internship opportunities.

What is an average day like for you on the job?

An average day for me at UTAS consists of meeting with my colleagues around 8:00 am, discussing our progress on current/ upcoming projects, contributing my ideas to a group of professional engineers, finding a solution, and designing what we decide on in order to make a superior product for major aerospace industries such as Boeing and Airbus.

What is the most challenging part of your job? How do you overcome these obstacles?

The most challenging part of my job so far has been to find a way to apply my engineering knowledge from school to the corporate world. The working world is much different from the things we learn in a classroom.
I was able to learn to deal with this obstacle by communicating with my colleagues on a daily basis. Some of them have been working with UTAS for decades and have plenty of knowledge to share with me.

How has your internship shaped your ideas for your career? Has it changed your career path?

So far, this co-op has encouraged me to continue pursuing a career in this industry.

Would you recommend having an internship?

I would absolutely recommend having an internship or co-op. There is so much more you can learn that you can’t in a classroom. The experience you get out of an opportunity like this is very helpful in learning what your career will be like. It can also verify that you are pursuing the right field of work if you are still unsure.

Did your internship help you get a job after graduation? If so, how?

I am still pretty new to this co-op, but from what I understand I will more than likely be offered a full-time position after I graduate. Our company specifically hires co-op positions to train us for a career with UTAS.

For more information on the Career Center’s Internship Program and the benefits of registering for credits, see https://career.ndsu.edu/internship-program/.

By Emma Stupke
Emma Stupke Graduate Assistant Emma Stupke