NDSU Alumni Career Advice

Aaron Tait
Degree: Bachelor of Science degree in Economics
Position: Financial Advisor
Company: Edward Jones
Location: Detroit Lakes, MN

Why did you choose to work for Edward Jones?

Freedom, culture, and earnings potential

What do you love most about Edward Jones?

I like that I am the only one that controls my success.

Describe your job and responsibilities.

I make complex financial situations easier for my clients both personally and in their businesses.

What skills are necessary for your position?

The ability to communicate clearly and to be creative while also able to be analytical. The most important thing is you have to be self-motivated.

What is the most challenging part of your job, and how do you overcome it?

The most challenging part is continuing to grow and managing the day. I overcome this by reminding myself that I am in control of my success and if we don’t grow we won’t last. I have a couple of administrative staff to help manage my schedule.

What is an average work day like for you?

A day consists of a lot of meetings and phone calls. My role is strictly to handle clients’ investments.

What advice do you have for someone aspiring to work in your field?

Be ready to put in long hours and be ready to hear a lot of no’s.

What’s the best way to network with people in your field?

Ask a family member or a friend who their financial advisor is and meet that person.

What is one career-related tip you have for students?

Have a plan and write it down. You will never be as successful as you could be unless you have a plan and follow it with a purpose.

By Lindsay Campbell
Lindsay Campbell Career Peer Lindsay Campbell