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Visiting College Student Resource Page for Spring Virtual Fair Series

>> Connecting with an Employer <<

Interested in visiting with an employer who is attending one of our virtual fairs? We can help connect you!

  1. Check out the list of participating employers
  2. Submit the Google Form with your contact information for us to share with your selected employers

We will send your information to the companies that you list. The employers will then contact you at their convenience.

PLEASE NOTE: Completing this form automatically gives us consent to share all the contact information provided by you with the employers that you list.

If you are an NDSU Student please register in CAREERLINK. DO NOT use this form.

>> Resources <<

Is your computer ready?
Your camera should be at eye level, and try not to look at your own image.
You computer/tablet should be sitting on a flat, stable, and level surface.
What is in your background – is your space clean and professional looking?
Test this out ahead of time to ensure you don’t have anything distracting or unprofessional in the background.
How is the lighting in your space?
The light source should be in front of you and it shouldn’t be too bright where it leaves a shadow.
Have you minimized distractions?
Put your phone and other notifications on your computer or tablet on silent.  Try to keep roommates and pets out of the room you are in.
Are you dressed professionally?
Look good, feel good!
Do you have your resume, job description, and questions handy?
Keep these documents close just in case you have to reference them.
Having questions for the employer written out ahead of time can help you remember the questions you wanted to ask.
Are you mindful of your body?
Use positive body language and appear engaged!
Smiling, using moderate hand gestures, and making eye contact with everyone can certainly help.
Are you mindful of your speech?
Speak clearly and not too fast, and be sure to sound interested and energized.
Are you being professional if you are using the chat feature?
Avoid using acronyms, text slang, or emojis.
Do you have a strong closing?
Ask for next steps in their recruitment process and exchange contact information.