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Employer Resources – Updating your Company Profile in CAREERLINK

Students attending the Online Spring Career Fair Series are highly encouraged to research companies before meeting with them during the fair… and this is one of the areas we suggest they visit. Be sure your company’s profile is ready to shine!

1. Log into the Employer Portal of the CAREERLINK platform.

  • www.ndsu.12twenty.com/hire
  • Any contact associated with your employer profile, will be able to edit and/or add the URL to your company’s event

2. Select Company Profile from the left-hand side of the page.

3. You’ll automatically be re-directed to the 12twenty for Employers page. 

  • Please note, that after clicking the “company profile” button in the left-side menu, you will automatically leave the specific NDSU instance of CAREERLINK, and will be automatically be re-directed to the 12twenty for Employers page.
  • Any changes to your company profile will be made in the 12twenty for Employers site. Please note that job postings may not appear in the 12twenty site, because your posting may only be visible and live in the NDSU site. (no need to panic quite yet)
  • After you are finished making your updates, and to return to the specific NDSU instance of CAREERLINK, close the 12twenty for Employers tab and return to the NDSU CAREERLINK tab in your web browser.

Once the page opens, take notice that the logo in the top left-hand menu changes from the NDSU CAREERLINK logo, to the 12twenty for Employers logo. (see two graphics below) This is a great reminder as you may go between these two sites.

4. Time to update!

  • If you receive the notification indicated below in the yellow box, you will not be able to update your company’s profile information until you have been granted “administrator” access.
  • The first contact that signs up under a new employer name, is automatically granted “administrator” access. Everyone who creates a new contact account tied to the company profile is given “associate user” permissions.
  • If you do not know who has administrator permissions, you may click on My Company in the left-hand menu, and then click on Users.
    • You may reach out to contacts in your company with administrator permissions to change your user role for you – here is a 12twenty support document to help with this process.
    • If you notice any clean up that you may need with your contact list (perhaps there are contacts who are no longer with your company) – please reach out to Pat Breen, Employer Partnerships Manager, for assistance.
  • If the contact with administrative permissions is no longer with your company – please email support@12twenty.com for assistance in assigning new permissions. Unfortunately NDSU staff members are not able to switch permission roles for you.

If you don’t get the notification shown above…. then {yay!} you are ready to update your profile!

  • You are able to edit each section with a stacked ellipsis, as indicated in the yellow boxes on the graphic below.
  • Upgrading your 12twenty account to a premium account, will unlock additional features and you’ll be able to post jobs to other universities on the 12twenty network. Reach out to support@12twenty.com if you would like additional information or have questions about this add-on.
  • Please keep in mind that NDSU does not and will not charge for employers to host an employer account or post jobs in CAREERLINK.

First… Be sure to edit your profile’s header information!

  • We highly recommend uploading graphics of high resolution, to prevent your graphics from looking pixelated for students.
  • Logo image – minimum size of 160×160 pixels, recommend ensuring that it is square in shape, so that it displays nicely.
  • Header image – minimum size of 800×500 pixels – highly recommend including some blank space above and below your desired displayed image, as a portion of the uploaded graphic will be cut off by profile’s header
  • Be sure your website, company size, and industry are accurate!
  • Add in social media, if you’d like to showcase your presence online.

Next… Update your Overview section! (hopefully you can create a more interesting page than we currently have… oops!)

  • Think of this section as your “pop-up” banner that students are able to view year-round! (and you can update throughout the year)
  • What is important about your company that students should know before meeting with you? What is going to attract a student to sign up for a time to meet with you during the fair?
  • Consider sharing your company’s mission, vision, philosophy, purpose, diversity statement, efforts to be environmentally friendly, etc…
  • What efforts do you make to attract talent – students and alumni? Have you considered what students from Generation Z may appreciate knowing about your company?
  • You are not able to upload pictures / graphics to this area… but you can hyperlink! Do you have any quick informational videos? Videos that demonstrate the culture of your office? Videos that may inspire students to work for your organization?
  • Perhaps you are able to leverage any NDSU Alumni who are working for your company?? Are they willing to share a testimonial video? Could you link to a blog post by them?
  • Do you have any other fun, creative ways that will help your profile stand out from the 5,000+ other employers currently set up in the NDSU CAREERLINK website?

Lastly… Add in your location!

  • Maybe it’s your headquarters’ location or perhaps it’s your offices’ location (if locations have their own specific profiles)… either way, its another attractive way to enhance your profile’s look, other than the graphic we currently have (oops!), and students appreciate being able to easily locate this information!


Have additional questions? 

Reach out to Pat Breen, Employer Partnerships Manager, with any questions regarding your CAREERLINK company profile.

Here is a link to 12twenty’s support page for company profile FAQ’s and additional information.