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Employer Resources – Schedules & Document Packet


1. Log into the Employer Portal of the CAREERLINK platform.

  • www.ndsu.12twenty.com/hire
  • Any contact associated with your employer profile, will be able to edit and/or add the URL to your company’s event

2. Select Events from the left-hand side of the screen.

3. Locate your company’s event from the event’s page and open the event by clicking on the dark green title text.

  • Events are formatted in the following way –  Company Name  |  Online Spring Career Fair
  • If your company’s event isn’t listed – check to see that we have received your payment… remember that we are not listing companies on our website or creating events until after we have received the payment in full. It may take up to 48 business hours after we’ve received payment to create your event.
  • If you have submitted your payment, and it has been longer than 48 hours since making your payment – please contact the Career and Advising Center.

4. Click on the Registered Students tab

5. Click on the 3 stacked dots 

  • Download All Documents Packets
    • This will open up a box of options that you can select to include in the export
    • A PDF document will open, including the details of each schedule and all pre-uploaded resumes (remember that uploading a resume is not required, it is recommended)
    • You have the option of saving the PDF document, in case you want to email or share with other recruiters attending the fair
    • NOTE – the packet is organized by schedule… you will get the information for your first schedule followed by all of the uploaded resumes that accompany that first schedule, then you will see the information for your second schedule followed by all of the uploaded resumes that accompany that second schedule… and so on depending on how many schedules you had set up. (Schedule 2 information may not begin until page 10, for example, depending on how many resumes accompany schedule 1.)
  • Export List 
    • This will download an excel document with all of your scheduled meetings for the day
    • The excel document will include some additional information about each student – email, major, grad year, etc.
    • This might be another document that you may consider sharing with recruiters attending the fair